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Five Ton Monkey provides props, set pieces, sets and scenery to feature films and television shows. We provide work to the art department, or, more specifically, to Props, Construction and Set Decoration. Our involvement ranges from providing CNC cut letters or signs based on artwork supplied by the Graphics Artist to developing a full-blown design based on images or even just a description of what is needed. Conversations ensue about how the piece shoots--is it “hero” or background; from what angles will it play; how will it be lit; how will it be handled? With participation of many others–-Production Designers, Art Directors, Set Designers, sometimes the Director and/or the Director of Photography, the Prop Master, Decorator or Set Dec Lead Person, Construction Coordinator or Prop-maker Fore-person–-a design will be developed and iterated. Sometimes multiple versions of a thing must be created: for multiple takes, to be shown in different stages of development, or because it will be blown up, or shot at, or crashed through, or run over… There is a lot to be built. If a scene is shot on stage (the most common scenario), every single thing you see is either built, rented or purchased. Things are needed fast, as design and construction are often barely a half-step ahead of production. Once something leaves our shop, it is often worked on by someone else: Special Effects might rig it to move or light up; Construction might build it into a much larger set; sometimes plaster or paint will be done by Plaster or Paint instead of us. It will be decorated, hung, lit, electrified, and then featured along with whatever else is necessary to create a scene. Camera will portray it in a way that serves the project, and VFX may do what it does. The point is, film is collaborative. Many different minds and hands conspire to bring a visual to the screen. Our work may ultimately benefit from the efforts of many others. There are too many people to acknowledge in a caption to every image. If you're curious about who else participated in something that came out of our shop, please reach out to us directly.

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