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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, between April and December 2020, Five Ton Monkey created and distributed over 240,000 protective face shields. • ​5TM, worked with Michael Mocho, a nationally acclaimed wood-turner and teacher of fine woodworking, to design, prototype, and fabricate three iterations of face shield assembly machines. • The machines were hand-operated, fabricated of wood, aluminum, Delrin, steel, cast resin, and other materials, and incorporated ratcheting Velcro dispensing wheels, travel-stop actuated electronic stapling, lever cut and release technology, and depended on molded and cast curved 2-part mating ramps to carry the Velcro from the reels to the plastic shields. • Face shields were constructed of .020 PETG plastic, Velcro, and 1” thick foam. • Using four machines, a team of six to eight members produced and packaged over three thousand protective face shields a day. In addition to the main assembly station, production required a station for padding and packaging. • Working with the New Mexico Department of Health and the New Mexico Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Response, Five Ton Monkey delivered protection to emergency responders, COVID test administrators, and health providers, and replenished the State’s emergency stockpile of this critical piece of protective equipment. • 5TM also provided face shields to ambulance companies, schools, senior care facilities, and citizens. • Five Ton Monkey received generous help from many members of the local community in the execution of this project.

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